The Coming Financial Reset and What it means for You and Your Family

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The current financial system is based on debt. Its designed to enslaved you, me, and the world. It’s not a coincidence that you can’t seem to get a head. You’re always in debt, and you will most likely work till you’re in your 60s or 70’s.

That’s not necessary a bad thing if you’re doing what you’re called to do. However if you are treading your passion to make a living, its terrible. Which is the case for many because study shows that majority of people don’t like their job. They go because they have to — they go to feed their family and to make a living.

Again, not a bad thing, but we’re made for so much more.

It’s safe to say that majority of the people feeling dread about their job is due to it not being their passion or true calling. However, you can’t fault them for doing what they need to provide for their kin. They can’t just ignore their responsibility and family, right. So many chose to ignore their dreams and purpose instead.

Some for a period of time. Others indefinitely. 🙁

But there is a good news is.

We’re living in a very unique time in history, with once in a life time opportunity. Even if you are one of these people, your situation can change drastically for the better. But you have to prepared today. Because those who are prepared can break free from this wicked system we’ve come to expect and and seemingly hopeless situation. They can change their life and their children’s children’s. But they need to act fast.

So what am I talking about?

The Great Financial Reset

Some of you might have heard the phrase “transition to greatness” that the president mention more than once. It is too big to cover all that it encompasses because it addresses everything from government to education system to entertainment and everything in between. But for the sake of time and staying on topic, let’s height the financial part.

Part of transiting to greatness in finances includes removing corruption from the national and global financial system. It means getting ride of this debt based monetary system and replacing it with sound money. Money that keeps value. Money backed by something tangible.

To make this work, there must be fairness in trade among nations. There must be fairness in currency strength. One of the way to do that I believe, is to revalue nation’s of the worlds currency to the strength of their economy and availability of their natural resources, which may include precious metal and other resources.

Many may not know this but some countries of the world were targeted by the central banking system to keep poor and further their agenda. Countries that are wealth in natural resources but can’t compete in trades with other nations because their currency is worthless compare tot the dollar. This great phenomenon give opportunity for you and me to position ourselves for transfer of wealth where you can potential turned hundreds into hundreds of thousands, thousands into millions.

But time is short.

If you can see even a slight of truth in what I’m saying start doing your own research. I believe this opportunity is not just so we can live luxuriously. But God has a wonderful plan for earth and it’s people. He has a good plan for his people. He’s getting the wealth of the world to the hands of his people to expend his church and transformed the world like we’ve never seen before. After all, gold and silver (real money) is his. Turn of the media ask God for discernment, study and make yourself approved. Hear his silent voice in the chose. If you’re interested, message me about one of the key investments to consider. I believe the stock market is not the optimal place to have your money at the moment. Real Estate is proven, but it is not the best time to invest in real estate. It’s overvalued. Have a blessed day.

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